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For a limited time Beachfront Hotel Thailand will list any one hotel you own for FREE! Yes we did say free! It is our way of populating this ever growing database of beachfront hotel listings in Thailand. No commission fees! No pay per click fees! No listing charges!

Unique Concept
Everyone knows that getting a good page rank starts by building solid one way inbound links. Our directory offers hotel owners that plus much more.

Enjoyable User Experiance
Our directory is also tailored to users. Users now have a one stop center where they can visit, explore, search for, and compare hotel listings submitted by hotel owners, not some agent pushing their listings. They will also find YOUR hotel published rates, discounts or promotions available. They will also find that every link goes directly to your hotel website so that they can in fact contact you directly.

Our directory works in a unique way. It displays the most recent entry First, and we all know the value of being first on the first page. Each hotel listings page consists of 20 listings. Once you have made your submission your entry will be first on our home page. As other hotel owners sign up and submit their hotels, your entery will drop down a spot. Don’t worry there is a way to get back to the top again and we will explain how and why soon enough.

The Beachfront Hotel Thailand Offer
As we mentioned earlier PageRank is all about inbound links. And that is exactly what we offer. Your first submission will get your listing in our directory. Click the image or the more button and the user gets your landing page or what we call a sales pitch page. This page is populated by you and hosted on our website.
Contents include;
Hotel Name
Hotel Slogan
Hotel Rating (hotel star rating system)
Info About Hotel
Photo Gallery (5 photos)
Hotels Rates
Hotel Quick Links (contact link, book now link, link to website, compare hotels, refer hotel)

And that is not all. Visitors will also see how many times your hotel was viewed by other visitors and how many times your hotel was referred. And more features are planned and coming soon.

Hotel owners will have a comprehensive back office where they can add, edit hotel listings, change or add pictures and get some valuable stats on their listings.

Also worthy of mention our website is perhaps one of the most SEO friendly websites currently online. It is database driven using advanced coding that displays short url strings and unique meta tag information. Every step has been taken to ensure each hotel page submitted gets indexed quickly. Beachfront Hotel Thailand has also purchased additional domains related to this website including Beachfront Hotel Phuket, Beachfront Hotel Samui just to name a few, and all are being redirected to this website, giving it powerful Keyword exposure.

Need more reasons to sign up?
Since our site has been online it has recieved 12,000 unique visitors and that number is growing. Not only do we offer a free listing to our directory but we also offer, Re-submission, Banner Ads, Special Offers, and Featured Hotel advertising packages. Each package has its own set of features. For more information see our advertising packages section.

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Register Now for your Free hotel listing
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