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There has never been a better time to advertise with Beachfront Hotel Thailand than right now! Everyone of our packages has been reduced for a limited time to sell.

Why on Beachfront Hotel Thailand
  • Expert SEO on the website
  • Professional Internet Marketing for the website
  • Visitor Counts Growing Daily
  • Quality Support and Advice
  • One way In bound links to your website
  • Detailed Stats
  • User Controled Content
  • Easy to use system
  • Fantastic Savings on all advertising packages
Your First Listing Is FREE
Add your hotel today and start taking new bookings from tourists and business travelers looking for quality accommodations. You sell rooms directly from your own website, via your existing booking platform, by phone or fax. There are No Commissions to pay us on bookings and No Pay Per Click Fees which makes us highly competative, bringing you substantial savings on expensive agent’s fees. And most of all your first hotel listing Is Free, so that you may try us out and see the results for yourself.

What You Get For Free
Nothing is free in life and that’s a fact, except on Beachfront Hotel Thailand. When we say its Free we do mean free! Right after you sign up and confirm your email address you will be able to log in and create your own webpage, complete with links to your website. Have a look at this sample beachfront hotel listing page for a better idea. You control the content visitors will see. You control where visitors will go when they click a link. And you control the images displayed in our unique enviorment.

Not only do you get your own webpage but your listing will appear on our Highly Search Engine Optimized Hotel listings pages, in our Search Hotels queries and in our Related Hotels* boxes.

And that’s not all. You will also get one FREE Re-Submit which you can use anytime to get your hotel back on the first page of listings directory. Do you need any more reasons to register?

Upgrade Your Free Listing
Upgrading your free listing is very easy and right now is being offered at a substantial savings. You can upgrade your free listing with either our Special Offers package or our Featured Listings package. Both packages have unique features. See the table below and compare each package side by side.

Choose your savings

Packages and Features
Number Of Hotels 1 1 1
Listed on our Hotel Listings Pages Yes Yes Yes
Listed on our Search Hotels Page Yes Yes Yes
Listed on our More Hotels Pages Yes Yes Yes
Listed in our Related Hotels Boxes Yes Yes Yes
Listed in our Special Offers Boxes No Yes No
Listed in our Featured Listings Boxes No No Yes
Number Of Photos 5 5 10
Hotel Landing Page(s) Yes (1) Yes (2) Yes (2)
Sponsored Ads On Landing Page(s) Yes Yes / No No / No
Number Of Links To Your Hotel Website 3 8 16
Display Your Hotel Banner(s) & Logo No No / Yes Yes / Yes
Location Map Link No No Yes
Visitor Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Display Your Special Offers No Yes Yes
Search Optimized Landing Pages** Yes Yes Yes
Commissions Or Pay Per Click Fees No No No
Online To Visitors in 10 Minutes or Less*** Yes Yes Yes
Price (quoted in Thai Baht) 1500
a one time fee pre-paid
3 months pre-paid
3 months pre-paid
prices quoted do not include VAT Register Today

* Related Hotel Boxes: appear on each hotel landing page except Featured Hotels and Special Offers. The criteria used to relate a hotel is the province the selected hotel is in. Only Six(6) hotels will be listed at one time and they are selected randomly.
** Each Landing Page: will feature unique title, keywords, and description Meta Tags. Short unique URL strings are used throughout the website for better indexing. Each landing page will display unique content supplied by the customer. Every image and link will contain optimized title and alt tags.
*** Online To Visitors: Time to get your landing page online will depend on how ready you are with the information required in the feilds. Taking extra time to re-write content and locating the right photos will help insure a successful landing page.

Additional Hotels
One registered user can list as many hotels as they wish. Each additional Standard Hotel Listing costs only 1500 Thai Baht for life plus applicable VAT.

Hotel Listings Packages Information and Re-Submission
  • Standard Listings and Free Listings are listed in the order they arrive, meaning the most recent listing will appear in the first spot on the first page. There will be thirty(30) listings per page. Listings will also appear in Search queries, and in Related Hotel Boxes. This package is subject to a one time listing fee and once paid it will remain online forever.
  • Re-submissions, so that you can get your hotel listing back to the first page, cost only 100 Thai Baht plus VAT each time, and are available in either 5 re-submit and 10 re-submit packages. They can also be used for any one of your listed hotels.
  • Special Offers listings include a Standard Listing that will be listed in the above mentioned manner plus have its very own Special Offer Landing Page and be included in the Special Offers boxes throughout the site including the Hotel Listings pages, randomly selected and appearing in random order, 15 listings at a time. Special Offers landing pages are accessible by a link on your Standard Listing page and by an icon in the listing on the hotel listings pages. Your Special Offers landing page features no advertising and is personalized with your hotel banner and logo. Special Offers listings expire in 3 months and are renewable. Your Standard listing remains online forever.
  • Featured Listings will include a Standard Listings with all the terms and features of that package, but when visitors click to get more information on the hotel they will be sent to its very own Featured Listings Landing Page which features no advertising and is customized with your Hotel Banners. It will always be displayed in all Featured Hotel Boxes throughout the site but in random order. Each Featured Hotel Box will display 15 featured hotels only. Featured Hotels are also capped at 15, meaning that we will not accept any more than 15 hotels in this category. Contract terms are 3 months renewable. Your Standard listing stays online forever.
Banner Ads
If you take a quick tour of our website you will notice that we also have some banner ads. Banners come in two sizes at this moment and are located at the top, right of each page and in the center left of each page. These locations have been selected simply because they are the most visable places on our website.

All Ad banners will be linked to either your home page or a landing page of your choice. Our specially designed tracking software will give you the number of clicks it generates and some additional information.

Banner Sizes currently available are 550px X 80px and 400px X 125px. Accepted formats are .gif, .bmp, .jpg, and .png.

Prices for Ad Banners
  • 550 X 80 : For the Home Page plus all subsequent More Hotel listings pages, rotated on page load. 6 total banners. Cost only 4990 Thai Baht per month plus VAT. As a bonus this banner will also appear on all other pages following the terms below.
  • 550 X 80 : For every other page. Banners will appear on all Hotel Detail’s Pages (excluding Featured and Special) and any other page visitors can see. Rotated on page load. 24 total banners. Cost only 2990 Thai Baht per month plus VAT
  • 400 X 125 : For the More Hotels listings pages. Rotated on page load. 12 total banners. Cost only 2990 Thai Baht per month plus VAT. As a bonus this banner will also appear on all other pages following the terms below.
  • 400 X 125 : For every other page. Banners will appear on all Hotel Detail’s Pages (excluding Featured and Special) and any other page visitors can see. Rotated on page load. 48 total banners. Cost only 1295 Thai Baht per month plus VAT.
More Information
For more information on these and other special advertising offers please contact our sales team or register today and start using your FREE hotel listing.
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